A Pause Midst the Rush

As we careen through the days, weeks and months, it is easy to lose track of time passing by. I don’t think that I am alone in wondering at this time of the year where the year has gone. As I approach my seventh decade, it seems that time rushes by all that more quickly, and as my hair gets grey (and disappears!) I wonder if the matter in my brain is evaporating away as well.

Now, I know the importance of Black Friday to the retail world, so in a year such as we have endured in 2009, you will not hear from me any laments about shopping on the day after Thanksgiving. Since I am not in retail myself, I will be able to find some quiet moments over the long weekend to pause, reflect and be thankful.

What will I reflect about? Any number of things; the many experiences I have been fortunate to have had, ranging from living in Paris as a student some 30 years ago, including a summer spent as a street performer! I promise to tell you about that one day. Or reminiscing about an evening in Leningrad, when it was still called that, spent visiting with a Russian man and marveling at being able to read a newspaper outside at midnight.

I might think about the day back in the mid 1950’s when a brand new type of cardiac surgery allowed me to live longer than 10 or 15 years. Only a couple of years before that anyone with the congenital heart defect I was born with was consigned to an early demise.

Or, I can think about the present, and how despite the economic meltdown we have experienced, I continue to meet so many dynamic people with the ideas and the drive to create something. I have chronicled several of them here (see Business Starts with an Idea). I am truly amazed by the spirit of these entrepreneurs.

I don’t have any great philosophy to impart in these musings, just that I know that if you are as busy as most of the people that I meet day to day, you too might benefit from a few moments to reflect. For my readers in the United States, I wish you a Happy Thanksgiving; for my Canadian readers, a belated Happy Thanksgiving goes your way. For my readers in other countries, I wish you a few moments of pause midst the rush.

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