Chief Twitter Officer?

The headline to an article published recently in India Real Time ( read, “Can Chief Twit be far behind?” The reference was to the possibility that the Chief Twitter Officer may already be in existence. The article also mentions officers such as Chief Monster at, Chief Internet Evangelist at Google and Chief Belief Officer at Future Group. Your humble blogger, who is known as the Chief Bulldog at the The COO’s Bulldog certainly is in good company.

Then there is the Chief Human Capital Officer at the US Department of Energy. I don’t know; I think I would rather be a person than capital, what do you think? Not to be outdone, another government agency has a Chief FOIA Officer. (Would that be pronounced “foya” or “foeea”?) It turns out that the Chief FOIA Officer works for the FCA, or the Farm Credit Agency, processing Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests that come to the agency. I wonder if the federal government has a Chief Acronyms Officer to make all of these up.

In an article on Ellen Weintraub complained that while she had seen plenty of Vice Presidents of Sustainability and Directors of Sustainability, she had yet to see a Chief Officer of Sustainability. Perhaps there is not enough work to keep that person busy, this making them more of a Chief Unsustainability Officer. When I looked up the definition of sustainable, I came across the words “carry on”. The Chief Carry On Officer would either be in charge of company parties or loading people on airplanes these days!

Then there is the Chief Green Officer; is the word green a noun denoting the person’s responsibilities or an adjective describing their color? Or is the Chief Green Officer simply another name for the CFO? It has gotten so bad that Steve Tobak, in his BNET column, The Corner Office, opines that we should no longer say C-Suite, but should rather use the term C-Tent!

Getting back to the Chief Twit; I worked for him a number of years ago, but fortunately did not stay long at that company!

2 thoughts on “Chief Twitter Officer?

  1. Kevin, fun post. However, I have worked for several Chief Twits (B4 Twitter). I left first. Something about the rats leaving a sinking ship.

    To the issue I believe all this great stuff that we have available to us must be managed but C-Suite attention is overkill.

  2. The challenge seems to be as we continue to experiment with different organizational structures how do we recognize the ‘new’ org chart. The business challenges of flatter organizations where electrons move information far faster then middle managers did have to redefine the new ways of meeting customer needs. Flatter organizations need to be structured in different ways then the old org chart.

    My sense is there will be a lot of experimentation over the next few decades as we continue to improve the best ‘standard’ model. Along the way hopefully we will not sustain too many twitter chiefs or we will need a whole series of FOIA requests to help identify the remains of left over human capital at the next golf event where everyone carries one trying to bulldog their way to greens to officiate the different beliefs at the 19th hole tent.

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